Shamanic Journeying at Shamanic Spring

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Shamanism is a powerful means for learning first hand the oneness and sacredness of all things.
Each journey is a merging into that oneness of the universe, a union with timeless wisdom and compassion
... you are no longer separated from that wisdom...

(David Corbin and Nan Moss)


Journey Sessions in the Washington, D.C. Area

  1. You need to know how to journey BEFORE you attend, and you can learn right here, quickly, for free; keep reading, including the "Learn to Journey" section below. We follow the "core shamanic" approach recommended by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (details below).

  2. PLEASE HAVE HANDY a pen and paper or a journal; rattle and frame drum, if you have them; an eye curtain, if you use one; and a blanket or mat IF you journey lying down.
WHERE: online event; email Mary for the online link
JOURNEY COST: $5-$25 suggested donation, via PayPal or mailed check
WHEN: Usually (but not always) on 2nd Saturdays (see dates below with movie listings); Do only the journey or only the film, or do both!

      4:00-6:00 pm: Shamanic Journey Group session
      6:15-7:00 pm: Break for Dinner
      7:00-9:15 pm: Shamanic Movie! (movie descriptions are on the Workshops page)
  • Feb. 13, 2021Journey, 4-6pm; Movie, 7-9:15 pm: Earth Stewards?
  • March 13, 2021Journey, 4-6pm; Movie, 7-9:15 pm: Shamanic Tools for Everyone
  • April 10, 2021Journey, 4-6pm; Movie, 7-9:15 pm: Shamanism 101
  • May 8, 2021Journey, 4-6pm; Movie, 7-9:15 pm: Shamanic Regalia as Armor
  • June 12, 2021Journey, 4-6pm; Movie, 7-9:15 pm: TBA
  • July 10, 2021Journey, 4-6pm; Movie, 7-9:15 pm: TBA

Learn to Journey Free, Online, Quickly!

Before coming to your first journey group session, please read the free two-page fact sheet, Shamanic Journey: Basic Method and review any additional fact sheets below that interest you. If you have questions, please contact Tyrtle (at)

Already Know How to Journey or Want to Learn Beyond the Basics?

Those who already know how to journey may find the following free fact sheets and resources helpful in addition to those just mentioned:
  • How to Write a Shamanic Song (pdf print version; 2 pages)
  • Eye Curtain Instructions, my tips for the easiest and quickest eye curtain using a bandana!
  • Journey Checklist (pdf print version; 6 pages); covers how to frame your question, control mind chatter, interpret your journey, go beyond the basics and deepen your connection to Source, your helping spirits, your true self, the rest of Nature and the Land, plus tips for working with ethnocentric (egoic) Middle World spirits.
  • FAQ About Shamanic Journey Realms and Helping Spirits (pdf print version; 2 pages)
  • Recommended Journey Topics (pdf print version; 2 pages)
  • Shamanic Terms, Principles, and Basic Journey Method Summary (pdf print version; 2 pages)
  • Experiencing the Shamanic Journey (17 mins.), Sandra Ingerman for Sounds True Shamanic History and Practice presentation, March 14, 2012. Ingerman's tips include don't compare your journey experience to others; don't worry if your journeys aren't visual, as many people hear or just know rather than see; and don't worry about whether you're making it all up.
  • Ecstatic Body Postures: An Alternate Reality Workbook, by Belinda Gore, Inner Traditions: Rochester, NY, 1995, 304 pp. Gore shows trance-inducing postures for shamanic journeying, initiation, healing, divination, and transformation of the soul from Mayan, Egyptian, African, Native American, Sumerian, and other ancient traditions. The South American Lower World Journey Posture, p. 191, taught to Michael Harner of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies by the Jivaro: (1) remove any distracting jewelry from left arm; (2) lie on back with no head pillow (under knees for back is okay); (3) place right arm comfortably at side; (4) drape left arm over the forehead so that wrist is on bridge of nose with no pressure on the eyes, as if your left arm were trying to block a light shining from beyond the top of your head.

Classic Tool: The Shamanic Journey

Eye Curtain Instructions, my tips for the easiest and quickest eye curtain using a bandana!
Trance Dancing Clip to Prepare for Journey, by Fabrytsio, Shaman Drums/Dance/Meditation/Trance
Journey Track Link, Shamanic Drumming Journey with Martin Duffy (start at 3:06 to bypass intro talk)
10-MINUTE JOURNEY VIDEO CLIP (free) by Mary "Tyrtle"
20-MINUTE JOURNEY VIDEO CLIP (free) by Mary "Tyrtle"
Sandra Ingerman's intro to shamanic journeying, 17-minute talk

The shamanic journey is an old and simple technique for having a direct experience of Mystery, by whatever name(s) you call that, to get healing or knowledge. Journeying is universal: it existed on every continent for more than 40,000 years.

An altered state of consciousness makes the journey possible. The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, like Carlos Castaneda, calls where we go in this altered state non-ordinary reality (NOR). This ability to journey is not limited to shamans: most people can achieve it with practice. The Foundation for Shamanic Studies teaches that the real "teachers" and healers are in non-ordinary reality, not ordinary reality, and being able to tap into that wisdom and healing is invaluable.

This altered state can be achieved by several methods: the predominant vehicle has historically been the drum, along with singing and dancing. The drum is the ancient tool of the shaman and acts as a horse or canoe to transport the shamanic traveler on the journey to the spirit worlds and back to this realm. Drumming opens the door to the trance state: scientists have shown that a steady, monotonous drum beat of 205 to 220 beats per minute induces a theta trance state in the human brain.

Shamanism is a path of knowledge, not of faith, and that knowledge cannot come from me or anyone else in this reality. To acquire that knowledge, ... it is necessary to step through the shaman's doorway and acquire empirical evidence. (Dr. Michael Harner, Foundation for Shamanic Studies)

What You'll Experience

Some people have a great, deep journey the first time, some don't get very far, some can't turn off the mind chatter, and some are profoundly transformed; most people fall somewhere in between. The only way to find out is to give it a try. Step through the shaman's doorway and see for yourself if this technique feels right for you.

To schedule an experiential workshop for your group or to find out about workshops in the Washington, D.C. area, contact Mary.

To learn more about shamanism in general, see Links and Resources.

What is "Sliding Scale?"
"Sliding scale" allows you to select the price that's most appropriate for your budget and situation within the given range. For example, if the workshop fee is $60-$95, you could pay $60 or $75 or $90 or $95. Those who pay at the higher levels are making a donation to help those in financial need. Please remember that for a sliding scale to work, we need the same number of people with means to generously pay more to balance the needs of those who can afford less.

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