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Shamanic Detox & Nature Harmony

No act or aspect of everyday life can be sacred when it violates our compact with Nature and the "Great Spirit Wheel" or "Sacred Hoop" of Life. Yet many modern cultural norms of daily living cause us to violate these compacts. The Cree call being out of harmony "wetiko"--a term roughly translating as "cultural insanity."

The heart and soul of shamanism is living in natural harmony, maintaining our sacred compact with all our kin. The Buddhists call it being in "right relationship;" the Andean peoples call it "Ayni," many modernists call it "harmony." "

I have often journeyed to my beautiful helping spirits to learn the "rightful (appropriate) place of humans in the universe." Most daily life pulls us out of synch with our proper place, causing us to violate our relationships on many fronts. I show the ways we're out of synch on my Food and Spirituality page.

See my workshops page for classes in how to get back in harmony with the rest of Nature, learn to share the planet with all our kin, and take our proper place in the universe.

Come into full alignment with
  • yourself and your true Nature;
  • the other humans, animals, and plants;
  • the elements;
  • the ancestors and with those yet to come, human and other than human; and
  • the whole of the Great Spirit Wheel.


Contact Mary at Shamanic Spring for workshops, journeys, and healing sessions to

   • reawaken your body's healing powers;
   • remember who you really are; and
   • step more fully into the circle of life.

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