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I am unable to take clients; please e-mail me for a list of healing practitioners in the DC-Baltimore-Virginia area.
Workshops & movie nights are on as ever!

Shamanism can help!

Have you ever said
  • I just don't feel like myself anymore
  • I haven't been the same ever since (that divorce, my father died...)
  • I felt like I'd been stabbed in the back when...
  • I feel like I lost a part of myself when ...
  • I feel empty inside sometimes
Do you struggle with
  • illness or issues that don't respond fully to conventional treatment
  • unpleasant thoughts or traumas that play over and over in your mind
  • addictions or self-sabotage
  • difficulty tapping into your full potential or accessing inner peace
  • depression or anxiety

Workshops, Journeying, & Healing: Which Do I Need?

Everyone benefits from one or more of this wonderful trio. Shamanic journey can help you access your own inner wisdom instead of relying on a shamanic practitioner or anyone else. My Journey page teaches you to journey at home for free. Many who have had a healing session, whether with me or another practitioner, find that my workshops help them permanently manifest the gifts from the healing session and make the life changes necessary to step ever more fully into their true power. My free shamanic movie nights, listed with the workshops, also offer valuable personal insights. READ MORE

Looking to Learn Shamanic Healing?

If you hear the call to provide shamanic healing to others and are looking for a teacher, I offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced training in all aspects. I ensure that you are prepared at each level and can guide you through your initiations. I also connect you via list serves and free periodic practitioner gatherings for community and ongoing support with difficult cases.

Your Shamanic Practitioner in the D.C. area

I am a Euro-American shamanic practitioner, authorized to teach by Sandra Ingerman as well as Betsy Bergstrom. In addition to my extensive trainings with Sandra and Betsy, I have also studied with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Tom Cowan, and others. I am a licensed minister of the Circle of the Sacred Earth, a recognized shamanic church. Full details on my credentials are on my About page. My healing and teaching practice is located in the Washington, D.C. area, near the Takoma metro.

Contact Mary at Shamanic Spring for journeys and other events to

   • reawaken your body's healing powers;
   • remember who you really are; and
   • step more fully into the circle of life.

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